To start with, have everything prepared such as freshly boiled potatoes, butter, bread, chopped onion, cold beverages and so on, before opening the can, as the initial smell of surströmming have a tendency to take over all other fragrances in the room.


Surströmming is fermented fish and is known for its unique and very prominent national newspapers and local ones when they write about surströmming.

Fermented fish is an old staple in European cuisines. The oldest archeological findings of fish fermentation are 9,200 years old and from the south of today's Sweden. Surströmming is the Swedish name for soured herring. It is fermented Baltic Sea Herring that is sold in tin cans and eaten in the north of Sweden. Learn all about this weird and smelly food and how to eat it. The Process of Surströmming.

What is surströmming

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The taste of rotten herring isn’t so bad at first, but the smell disarms you each time you try to take a bite. The verdict – It definitely does not taste like chicken. It doesn’t look Surströmming is a Swedish food that has a long history in the country. It is known to many people worldwide because of its unique, pungent, and – some would say – repulsive smell that is a result of its fermentation, which could last up to six months. The Swedish Surströmming Herring Fish Supplier. Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device I Survived Surströmming Challenge Viking Fish Classic Mug -11 Oz Large Funny Coffee Mug. - Bluecet. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1.

Surströmming is fermented Baltic Sea herring stored in tin cans for months before being eaten. It is as traditional as Swedish cuisine can get, 

Expressens reportrar testar den stinkande delikatessen Expressens Christian Körner och Ylva  Sweden's foul-smelling herring dish Surströmming smells so awful that it can't be opened indoors. ' + social_links_html + '. Make Yahoo Your  Frysta räkor · Frysta skaldjur och havsdelikatesser · Kaviar · Sill, ansjovis & surströmming · Surströmming · Sill · Ansjovis · Kylda skaldjur · Såser & tillbehör. vina whir surrealism s surrealism surrealistisk adj surrealistic surrogat s substitute surströmming s fermented Baltic herring sus s 1 vindens sigh ; det gick ett  Oskars Surstromming Fillets Traditional Swedish Fish Food 300g Made in Sweden THE SURSTRÖMMING SHOP - The Surstromming Online Shop.

What is surströmming

Surströmming : en handbok av Fredrik Ringblom och Örjan Westlund. Allt du vill veta om surströmming - både för den nyfikne och erfarne surströmmingsälskare. Äntligen en bok om denna syrade nordsvenska specialitet. En välkänd, kontroversiell, men självklar del av vår husmanskost blir här filead in i minsta detalj.

Läs om sådant som utgör gamla och nya traditioner: Nobelpriset, Fredagsmys, Fika och Surströmming. Och om sådant som kännetecknar svenskar. (Du vet att  Pod #98 - Jan Åhlund, Tävlingsansvarig pratar om terräng och surströmming. O-Ringen podcast #98 synar O-Ringen Höga Kusten i sömmarna  Surströmming is fermented fish and is known for its unique and very prominent national newspapers and local ones when they write about surströmming.

1. KallaxKonserveringDrinkarMat. Mer information. Oskars Surströmming, Söråker. 3.7K likes · 4 talking about this · 156 were here. Local Business. Mar 28, 2018 - To enjoy a can of surströmming, open with care, then add potatoes, onions, and flatbread.
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Kräftor. Craw fish. Ett. Al Pitcher is testing surströmming. 5:39.

Rovögerns Surströmming, Täfteå, Sweden. 823 gillar. Västerbottnisk surströmmingsproducent.
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2017-08-16 · What is surströmming? Surströmming is Swedish for “sour herring” and is fermented herring. They are plucked out of the Baltic Sea before they are stored for months to stew in their own bacteria through a carefully calibrated autolysis method which creates rather smelly acids, using just enough salt to prevent it from rotting.

Provided you disarm the can correctly, it doesn’t even stink all that much. (Pewdiepie totally lost his Licence To Swede in my eyes for not knowing to open the darned thing under water.) 2014-02-21 · I love pickled herring. I do not love surströmming.

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If you are looking to buy surstromming, you have found the right shop. We promise high quality and a genuine Swedish product.

How Surströmming smells. This is roughly how Surströmming smells, in case you don't have it at home but want to experience something similar. Japans svenske ambassadör Shigeyuki Hiroki gör succé på Twitter. Där delar han med sig av allt han upptäcker i Sverige – och nu har han provat surströmming för första gången. – Det Surströmming för fegisar Första mötet med en surströmming kan bli lite chockartad. Det brukar funka dåligt att försöka dölja smaken på den jästa fisken men du kan dämpa den lite. Surströmming : en handbok av Fredrik Ringblom och Örjan Westlund.